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History of B.N.G. Educational Trust (R) Katipalla

Sri P Sadhu Poojari who was a disciple of Brahma Shree Narayana Guru believed in his message that said, “Educate to be free, Organize to be strong”. He established BrahmaShree Narayana Guru Samaja Seva Sangha at Katipalla in the year 1977 by donating his own land and being the Founder and the President. He also believed that education is man’s true religion and took initiative to educate rehabilitated people of Panambur and in 1984 he Started Industrial Training Institution in Katipalla, With the firm support and guidance of Shri Damodhar R Suvarna.For further Establishing of Educational institutions and better functioning in the year 1987 “Brahma Shree Narayana Guru Educational Trust” with him, being the Managing Trustee and eight other Trustees of the community namely

1. Sri Damodhar R Suvarna

2. Sri B K Tharanath

3. Sri Krisnhappa Kotian

4. Sri Purushothama P

5. Sri Bhoja Anchan Madhya

6. Sri Monappa Kulai

7. Sri D M Karkera

8. Sri Mahabala Suvarna

In the meantime, two of our members were unable to continue in their respective positions. Therefore, the following members were added to the trust:

1. Shri Bhojraj Kulai

2. Shri Naveenchandra Suvarna

3. Shri Rajaram Salian

4. Shri Dayakar P

5. Shri Madukar Amin

6. Shri Ashmith Bhojraj

7. Shri Arun Kumar P

The Trust runs the following Institutions with the support of the trustees, donors and well-wishers.

1. Brahma Shree Narayana Guru ITI (1984)

2. Narayana Guru KG School (1988)

3. Narayana Guru Eng. Med. Primary (1990-91)

4. Narayana Guru Eng. Med. High School (1997-98)

5. Narayana Guru PU College (1992)

6.Narayana Guru Kannada Medium (1990-91)

The trust has a mission to give good quality education with the vision of providing all the infrastructures to fulfil the upcoming challenges in the advanced Education system.

President's Message

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. I am delighted that you consider Narayana Guru School the place of learning and growth for your child.

In this modern and competitive age. It’s our duty to foster the students not only for their higher studies but also as responsible citizens with brotherhood, social awareness, better understanding of the self and the society. Our intention is to bring the slow learners to the main channel for the society; we must instill self-confidence, bravery and teach the art of living life fully by brushing aside the sense of fear and hesitation to face real-life situations. Our education system should aim at creating large-heartedness and treat all religions equally with brotherhood.

Let me take this opportunity to thank all the teaching and non-teaching staff for their hard work and commitment towards the development of Narayana Guru School. I heartily thanks the parents as well for their continued support and cooperation.